UFA™ Mentorship Program • Code of Ethics & Conduct

The following Code of Ethics & Conduct is intended to define the social norms and responsibilities of both UFA™ Mentors and their Mentees (collectively, the “Participants”) in the Utah Filmmakers™ Mentorship Program in order to ensure that all Participants are aware of the attitudes and behaviors expected between them, their rights and any complaint procedures.

UFA™ Mentors do not give advice, rather they help their Mentees to learn how to solve problems, through a process of reflection, questions, challenge, and feedback allowing Mentees to make their own decisions.

It is the primary responsibility of UFA™ Mentors to provide support to their Mentees in their personal and professional development while ensuring that the Mentee accepts increasing responsibility for managing the mentoring relationship, will empower them to do so, and will promote the Mentee’s autonomy.

UFA™ Mentors will use their personal experience and knowledge to meet the needs of the Mentee while suggesting additional references or resources where they may not have relevant knowledge or experience.

UFA™ Mentors should not attempt to do the Mentee’s job for them †the Mentee has the ability and the potential, the UFA™ Mentor’s job is to help them realize it.

UFA™ Mentors will maintain their professional competence through participation in continuous professional development

UFA™ Mentors will operate within the limits of their own competence, seeking to recognize when it is appropriate to say they do not have experience in an area and, where possible, referring the Mentee to other possible sources of information.

UFA™ Mentors will respond to the Mentee’s learning and development needs.

Mentees are responsible to manage their own learning, identify and achieve the goals, using UFA™ Mentors as a support for this learning.

UFA™ Mentors will ensure that the duration of the mentoring relationship is only as long as it is necessary for the Mentee and agreed to with the Utah Filmmakers™ Association.

As volunteers, UFA™ Mentors are responsible for acquiring and maintaining, at their sole expense, comprehensive general liability insurance for themselves and/or their business covering bodily injury and death to persons and property damage.

UFA™ Mentors will not exploit the Mentee in any manner, including, but not limited to, financial, interpersonal, or those matters within the professional relationship, neither may it be open to misinterpretation.

UFA™ Mentors will be aware of and adhere to any current legislation relating to activities undertaken as part of their mentoring efforts.

Should UFA™ Mentors require their Mentees to provide services on their behalf, Mentees will be considered employees as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). UFA™ Mentors—when conducting business as employers—will maintain, in addition to the aforementioned comprehensive general liability insurance—workers compensation and employer’s liability insurance covering all those engaged by the employer to provide services on its behalf with minimum limits as required by the laws of the state of Utah in addition to adequate casualty and property coverage.

Participants will be focused on and have the opportunity for learning.

Participants should have the best interest at heart to participate in the program, respecting UFA™ Mentors as a support to their Mentees’ development, taking into consideration the UFA™ Mentors’ personal experience, work-related knowledge, and the fact that participation in the UFA™ Mentorship Program is voluntary.

Participants will demonstrate respect for the variety of different approaches to mentoring and other individual’s methods.

Participants will respect personal boundaries to ensure preserved privacy and promote a healthy balance in the mentoring relationship.

Participants will be open and truthful with each other, maintaining an open line of communication at all times, will conduct themselves with dignity, act in a way that respects diversity and promotes equal opportunities, and will respect each other’s time and other responsibilities, ensuring they do not impose beyond what is reasonable.

Even though participation is voluntary, Participants shall demonstrate their commitment to the UFA™ Mentorship Program and assume responsibility for what is agreed to.

Participants will ensure that their capability is sufficient to enable them to operate according to this Code of Ethics and Conduct and any standards that may subsequently be produced.

Throughout, Participants will confer with each other regarding how they wish the mentoring relationship to work and will maintain an appropriate level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Participants have a responsibility to highlight any ethical issues (such as conflicts of interest) that may arise during the mentoring relationship at the earliest opportunity.

Either Participant may dissolve the mentoring relationship at any time by informing an officer of the Utah Filmmakers™ Association in writing.

Participants understand that professional responsibilities continue beyond the termination of any mentoring relationship. These include the following: Maintenance of agreed confidentiality of all information relating to stakeholders; avoidance of any exploitation of the former relationship; provision of any follow-up which has been agreed; and, safe and secure maintenance of all related records and data.

An officer of the Utah Filmmakers™ Association will maintain periodic contact with Participants in order to evaluate progress in accordance with the Program’s aims and objectives, will ensure that the Code of Conduct is available to the Participants and that they have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and/or issues that may arise within this context.

Participants in the UFA™ Mentorship Program agree to hold the Utah Filmmakers™ Association, its officers, subsidiaries, and associates, harmless from any and all claims, loss or damage to personal property, liabilities, and costs, including attorney’s fees, as a result of their participation in the Program, including travel to and from any activity (including air travel) or any events incidental to the activity associated with the Program.

Utah Filmmakers™ is not an insurer, or guarantor of the safety of Participants’ property and will not be liable for loss of or damage to it. All Participants’ property is understood to be under their own custody and control at all times, and they bear sole responsibility to insure their own property.

  Current Revision: February 19, 2021